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Products > Black Seed and Echinacea

Black Seed and Echinacea

Echinacea is a beautiful Gift from the plant world. It is one of the herbs that helped introduce the world to herbal medicine. It was the “cure all” for native North America from snake bites to cold and flu. Echinacea has achieved recognition due to its ability to enhance the bodies natural system.

It has been found to increase healthy white blood cells that helps to flush waste from the lymphatic system which is crucial to the health of the immune system. Black seed has also been proven to stimulate and stabilize the immune system. It also helps equalize the effects of Echinacea on the immune system allowing Echinacea, in this combination to be taken longer.

Suggested Uses:

2-Wound Healing.
3-Blood poisoning.

Caution: contraindicated in Multiple sclerosis.

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Available in
90 & 180 capsules

Product Name
Black Seed & Echinacea

Product Source
Echinacea is from plant root. Black seed.

Medicinal Ingredients
Echinacosides, Polysaccharides, Phytosterols, Aminoacids, fixed oils Crudefiber, proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, sodium and potassium, Nigellone

Main Action
1-Immunostimulating effect by enhancing macrophage action.
2-Antibiotic action.
3-Antifungal action.

Suggested Dose
Two Capsules twice a day.
Each Capsule contains: Blackseed (400mg), Echinacea (235mg)




Article on the benefit of this product

Title: Cap Cold and Flu Symptoms with Echinacea and Black seed
Author: Heather Mason

The origin of many medicinal herbs lies in Native American culture. The Echinacea plant, used by Natives as a cure-all long before the European settlers arrived in North America, is making its mark on modern day Western herbal medicine. Natives used Echinacea as an antiseptic for wounds and snake bites, and as an antibiotic for colds and flu. Today this member of the daisy family is used to treat everything from chronic skin ailments to cancer. Recent research indicates that a key benefit of Echinacea is its ability to stimulate the immune system. When ingested in combination with the immune system stabilizer black seed, Echinacea provides consistent health benefits. And, with cold and flu season just around the bend, that’s just the help you need.

Echinacea’s journey through history into present day medicine began with the earliest North American settlers who adopted it as a valuable remedy on the frontier. In 1885 a German doctor in the United States used the herb to formulate and patent “Meyer’s Blood Purifier.” Before long, Echinacea gained popularity throughout Europe. Three decades of research followed which supported Echinacea as a safe and effective treatment for the immune system. In particular, Echinacea has been found to increase healthy white blood cells which act as the body’s main line of defence against infection and disease. In addition, a healthy immune system is key to fighting off viruses like influenza and herpes.

Advantages aside, people with depleted or advanced immune system deficiencies may not respond to treatment with the herb and some doctors don’t recommend that their patients take Echinacea continuously for more than 10 days without a four day break in-between. How, then, can be benefits of Echinacea be maximized? Enter black seed.

This 2,000 year old Middle Eastern remedy has been proven to help balance and stabilize the immune system. It is a vitamin and nutrient-rich herb which has been used since the 13th century for arthritis, kidney and liver ailments, bronchial infections and intestinal complaints. Black seed equalizes the effects of Echinacea on the immune system, allowing for its continuous use with top results. Indigenous North Americans know that the best cures come from the land. Contemporary Western cultures have begun to follow the same axiom, and with good reason. Resisting modern diseases requires a strong immune system, something Echinacea and black seed can help to provide. Echinacea and black seed are convenient to take in capsule form and can be found in health food stores.

Reprinted from alive magazine.


Black seed: why it should be included in your daily diet?

Author: Betty Norton


Many wonderful helping plants surfaced when the cultures of our world started to share trade and teach their herbal medicines to each other. One such plant was Nigella Sativa commonly known as black seed. This mild aromatic herb is indigenous to the Middle East where it has been used as a traditional remedy for over 2000 years. It was used so extensively that it became known as the seed of blessing “Habbatul Barakah”.

In the 13th century, the Arabic physician Ibn Kaym claimed black seed could be used for over 50 ailments such as Bronchial Asthma, Bronchitis and other diseases of the respiratory tract. Also, inflammation reduction, Arthritis relief, correction of digestive disorders, constipation relief, fighting parasitic infestations, detoxification and strengthening of the liver, increased energy and general good health are among the many benefits from using black seed.

At the 71st annual meeting of the federation of American societies for experimental biology, a report was issued supporting some of the medicinal claims of Black seed. Some medicinal response may be attributed to the increase of immune enhancing T cells. This may support the black seed’s role in balancing and strengthening the immune system.

One of the active ingredients found in black seed is called Nigellone. This ingredient has shown the ability to produce an anti-histamine response in the body. Studies have shown the benefits of this anti-histamine response in children and adults with bronchial asthma. Unlike most bronchial asthma medicine, Nigellone produced no harmful side effects. A study conducted by the Amala cancer research center in Amala Nagar in India showed evidence that Black seed is a potent antitumor agent. This study also showed that a long chain fatty acid found in Black seed may be the active component.

Black seed contains many active compounds as well as 15 amino acid proteins, carbohydrates, alkaloids, Saponins, crude fibre, calcium, iron, sodium and potassium. Black seed also contains 84% fatty acids including linoleic, linolenic and oleic forms plus very special volatile oils. These volatile oils contain important compounds that are antibacterial and antifungal. The antibacterial properties help inhibit the growth of several species of bacteria as well as Candida. It is also suggested that this plant can be helpful in preventing dental plaque.


Black seed can also be combined with other substances to increase certain medicinal responses. Black seed contains 23 different plant sterols. These sterols can fit onto the hormone receptors in the human body. This ability to fit onto the receptor sites may be useful in relieving prostate inflammation and unpleasant menopausal symptoms.


The seed is also known as a Galactogouge. This means it helps to increase the flow of milk in lactating women. Black seed is a herb from the middle east. It supports our bodies in so many different ways. It is non habit forming and safe. Black seed works well with many different herbs and natural substances. Black Seed and Black Seed & Combinations in capsule form are available at your local health food store.


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